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FAQ: Hybrid Format

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What does hybrid mean?

All talks will be delivered synchronously, according to times posted in the schedule of talks (PDT). Approximately 75% of the talks will be given in person, with the remainder online. Presentations that are delivered by multiple authors can use both formats if necessary (e.g., one person in-person, another online), though we strongly suggest that authors minimize the number of transitions between speakers within a single talk.


I'm presenting at NWAV50. What do I need to do to make sure that both audiences (in-person and online) can access my talk?

Everyone, whether presenting in-person or online, will share their slides via Zoom. See presenter guidelines for further details.


I will be participating remotely. Can I prerecord my talk?

No. In an effort to maximize engagement, all talks must be presented synchronously. The organizing committee went to great to lengths to schedule online talks at the most reasonable times possible for presenters in different time zones.