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FAQ: Registration

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I'm unsure of which type of registration ticket to buy. 

Only (under)graduate students should register under the "student" category. Attendees who are not currently pursuing a degree should register under the "Post-doc, Retired, Adjunct" category, which is intended to put NWAV within reach of people for whom the "Faculty" rate might be prohibitive. Part-time lecturers would also reasonably fall under this category. Any participants who earn a living wage, including those outside of academia, should register under the "Faculty" category.


My abstract was accepted for presentation. How can I get an official letter saying so, for funding or visa purposes?

We will happily supply such a letter for you. Just send a request to


How do I change from online to in-person registration, or vice versa?

You should send an email explaining your situation to You will then be issued a refund, minus a $5 nonrefundable Eventbrite fee (note that this is the only circumstance under which refunds will be granted). You should then re-register using the regular registration link.


How did you determine registration fees?

Putting on a conference in the Bay Area is expensive, so we have secured financial assistance from a large number of sponsors across Stanford University to keep fees manageable. Thanks to their generosity, we are happy to report that NWAV50 registration fees will be lower than they have been for years (with the exception of NWAV49 online). As with previous NWAV meetings, we have three levels of pricing, with faculty paying more than students, and postdocs, emeriti, and adjunct faculty paying an intermediate level. We especially tried to cap the registration fee for students. In the end, we are charging the bare minimum required to cover the cost of our expenses after sponsor funding is taken into account.


Why are online and in-person registration fees the same?

Hosting a hybrid conference is the worst of both worlds, since we need to pay for physical and virtual resources. It turns out that the AV expenses for hosting NWAV50 are the same as those for space and food. Accordingly, we have set online registration at the same level as in-person registration.