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Presenter Guidelines

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Important Zoom information

All presenters, whether they are presenting in-person or online, will use Zoom to share their slides. Please be sure to update Zoom to the latest version before presenting. All presenters should also plan to use their own laptops. When you begin your presentation, log into the Zoom link for your session provided in Oxford Abstracts. 

In-person presenters
Please leave your video on upon logging in so that your slides can be spotlighted, and mute your audio because your voice will captured by an in-house microphone. Next, share your screen to display your slides, but do not share sound, as your sound clips will play through in-house speakers.

Online presenters
Please leave your video on upon logging in so that your slides can be spotlighted, and leave your audio on throughout your presentation as well. Next, share your screen to display your slides and be sure to select the share audio option if you have sound clips.

General advice for presenters

Most talks are ten minutes, with five minutes for discussion. This will make for a tight schedule, which will be additionally constrained by the hybrid format of the conference. We ask that online and in-person presenters arrive in the room fifteen minutes before the beginning of their session for a technology check. Each session will have a Chair and a Zoom monitor. The Chair will be keeping speakers to a strict schedule and will warn them when their time is coming to an end (3 and 1 minutes for 10-minute talks, 5 and 1 minutes for 20-minute talks. The ten-minute format requires that speakers be concise and we ask that they time their talks in advance of the conference. Please do not try to fit in more by speaking faster, since there will be ASL interpreters.

Additional advice for Project Launch presenters

Project Launch is a new genre at NWAV, and we look forward to seeing it develop over the three days of this year’s conference. We hope for presentations that spur discussions in and beyond the sessions, and even beyond the conference. To make the most of the allotted 15 minutes, we recommend that presentations be short and concise, and focus on the areas you’re seeking help with. We recommend that you articulate 2-3 questions for the audience to consider.