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Student Awards

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NWAV50 will award four student prizes. Each registered NWAV participant will be able to vote by ballot for Best Student PaperBest Student Project Launch, and Best Student LabPhon Paper. A special committee will also award the Stueber Prize for the best student paper that examines variation in languages that have been missing from or are less frequently represented at NWAV.

Best Student LabPhon Paper will be awarded at NWAV50 for the first time. The Association for Laboratory Phonology (ALP) is a professional organization that exists to promote the scientific study of all aspects of the phonetics and phonology of spoken and signed languages through scholarly exchange across disciplines, including sociolinguistic frameworks and perspectives. The ALP also runs a fully open-access journal, to which we highly encourage sociolinguistically informed submissions on laboratory phonology. The ALP Best Student Presentation Award is for the best student paper that engages in both sociolinguistics and laboratory phonology. This award is accompanied by a two-year student membership to the ALP. 

See the Travel Awards page for information on graduate student support for travel/lodging and registration.