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FAQ: Oxford Abstracts

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I’ve logged into Oxford Abstracts, but I can’t see my abstract submission, reviews, and/or registration materials.

Note that, once you have registered through Eventbrite, it can take up to 48 hours for you to have access to the full NWAV50 program. If after this period you do not see NWAV 50 listed under “Events,” you have most likely logged in as the wrong user. You must be logged into Oxford Abstracts with the email address you used to submit your abstract/register for NWAV 50; you should have received an automated email at this address when you created an Oxford Abstracts account. Once logged into Oxford Abstracts, you can see your account information under “My Profile” in the top right-hand corner.

We've learned through other people who have logged into the wrong/a different account that it's typically due to 1) their browser automatically logging them in with a different email address, sometimes a work email alias (e.g. vs, or 2) accidentally clicking on the Google or LinkedIn Login.

You can log out of the account using the menu under “My Profile.” If you continue to be signed into the wrong account, other users have been able to circumvent this issue by trying a different browser.

If you are unsure what email address you are registered under, feel free to contact us