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Travel Awards

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NWAV50 Student Travel Awards


​​​​Award Winners

We are pleased to congratulate 14 recipients of NWAV50 travel awards (titles of talks are listed for award recipients who are also giving talks):

  • José Alvarez Retamales, New York University
    Mocking or “Relajo”? A two-pronged approach to in-group joking in Latinx communities

  • Felicia Bisnath, University of Michigan
    Ideologies about mouthing and language background in American Sign Language (ASL)

  • Isabella Calafate de Barros, University of Arizona
    Lexical frequency and polarity effects on mood variation in US Spanish

  • Drew Crosby, University of South Carolina
    Cute nasalization: the effect of age on nasalance in Korean aegyo

  • Lucia Fraiese, University of Western Australia
    Outta country: Indigenous youth identities in an Australian boarding school

  • Nour Kayali, University of Kentucky
    “You’re just making fun of my accent”: A Typology of Variation in Stylized Performance
    Making Mid-Century Modern: The application of automated transcription systems to older data

  • Aini Li, University of Pennsylvania
    Can phonological variant choices be primed in perception and production?
    A matched-guise study of Mandarin creaky voice

  • Gabriella Licata, University of California, Berkeley
    From implicit to explicit bias: Assessing generational attitude changes towards US Spanish translanguaging repertoires

  • Wesley Mark Lincoln, National University of Singapore
    Variation in Singapore English speakers’ awareness and use of t-flapping

  • Tyree "TJ" Martin, University of Arizona

  • Tyler Méndez Kline, University of California, Davis
    The Role of Uptalk in Mexican American Spanish Narratives

  • Ariana Steele, The Ohio State University
    Intersectionality of social meaning: Race, gender, and /s/ perception

  • Pocholo Umbal, University of Toronto
    Cross-generational drift in Toronto Heritage Tagalog Voice Onset Time
    A comprehensive survey of variation in Asian and Pacific Islander North American English

  • Veronika Zieglmeier, Freie Universität Berlin

Call for Nominations

We are pleased to offer a competitive award to help cover some of the NWAV50 travel costs for graduate students in sociolinguistics who are members of underrepresented minorities. To be considered for an award, students must be nominated by a faculty member or instructor.

Faculty or instructors at any institution may send a letter nominating a graduate student by the deadline to, with "Travel Award Nomination" in the subject line. The letter should not exceed 250 words. No other application material should be forwarded. The deadline for nomination letters was Friday, September 23, 2022.

  • Award Details:
    • Mentor match: Award recipients will be paired with an established researcher attending NWAV50 as a mentor. Recipients will have an opportunity to discuss professional goals and opportunities with that mentor.
    • Registration award: The cost of conference registration (at the early registration student rate of US$ 65) will be covered for all recipients who attend, either in person or remotely.
    • Travel award: Recipients who travel to Stanford will receive a travel stipend (US$ 500 at last award cycle, but may vary based on number of applicants and funds available) to help cover some of the incurred travel/lodging expenses.
  • Goal: The goal of these travel grants is to encourage attendance by graduate students from backgrounds that are underrepresented at NWAV (e.g., first-generation university or graduate students, low-income students, African American, Latinx, Indigenous students, etc.). Letter writers should include a brief justification regarding how the nominee's background relates to this goal. "Underrepresented" should be interpreted relative to local and personal contexts. It is up to the letter writer to make the case. Letters should also address how attending NWAV50 will benefit the student academically.
  • Eligibility: Students are eligible for the award:
    • if they are graduate students at the time of NWAV50
    • if they are enrolled in either a linguistics program or a related program (e.g., English, Sociology, Anthropology, Africana Studies, Psychology, Computer Science, or a language program with a concentration or research program in sociolinguistics)
    • regardless of whether or not they are presenting at NWAV50
  • Further details: The letter writer and the nominee do not need to be from the same institution. The letter writer does not need to be attending NWAV50, in a tenured or tenure-track position, or at a North American institution.


Recipients will be notified in early October. Award recipients must register for the conference and any workshops they wish to attend.

If you have questions, please contact the NWAV50 Student Travel Award Committee at